Mediterranée Patras was the "offspring" of Panelladiki, a collaboration between two friends in the cosmopolitan city of Patras during the 1960’s. Ioannis Salonikis and Miltiadis Papageorgopoulos wanted to actively participate in the city life of this major economic and cultural center of the Peloponnese. So they decided to do so by practicing the traditional Greek art of “philoxenia” (a very special Greek word that means “hospitality”) and building a new hotel that was bustling with life and visitors.

The name of that hotel would be Mediterranée Patras - Patras, after all, being a Mediterranean port city - and the logo was the ancient Greek trireme (ship with three rows of oars), a light commercial ship but also a warship that dominated the naval battles during the classical period.

The renowned architect Iason Rizos was commissioned to give “flesh and blood” to this ambitious idea and the end result was an impressive building with its characteristic black façade, erected at the intersection of Rigas Ferraios and Agios Nikolaos streets. Mediterranée Patras was hailed and much cherished as an innovative step in the hospitality industry, soon becoming an integral part of the city’s daily life. The traditional Greek fricassée and unique in taste crème caramel of the French chef - constituting a rather radical choice back then - was successfully combined, and Mediterranée Patras became a point of reference in the city.

As the years went by the city life changed. The founders of Mediterranée Patras passed away and for 15 years the management of the hotel was removed from Panelladiki. In 2010 the new owners of Panelladiki, who are also descendents of the founders, decided to re-establish its old glamour and re-integrate it as a modern city-hotel in the local commercial and social life. In order to meet new expectations, the renovation of the hotel started with a speedy pace and in accordance with the latest aesthetic and hospitality standards. Our associates enthusiastically embraced this new endeavor, and it is our hope that Mediterranée Patras will once again emerge as the local meeting hot spot and a favorite destination for city visitors.