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  1. A man in a crowd waves.

    Seven jurors were empanelled by the second day of Donald Trump’s trial Tuesday, leaving only five slots plus several backups unfilled. It was faster than most had predicted for the historic and unusual criminal trial.

  2. A person wearing a police-style uniform and helmet is shown standing near large piles of concrete debris as a heavily damaged, multi-storey building is shown.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Wednesday that the Ukrainian military had attacked a large Russian airfield in occupied Crimea and thanked his top military commander for staging the strike.

  3. An elephant walks down a residential street

    The sound of a vehicle backfiring spooked a circus elephant while she was getting a pre-show bath in Butte, Mont., leading the pachyderm to break through a fence and take a brief walk.

  4. Water splashes up as a white SUV drives through flooding following heavy rainfall in Dubai.

    The desert nation of the United Arab Emirates attempted to dry out Wednesday from the heaviest rain ever recorded there after a deluge flooded out Dubai International Airport, disrupting flights through the world's busiest airfield for international travel.

  5. A clean-shaved middle aged man is shown smiling outside in a closeup photo.

    British actor Hugh Grant has settled a lawsuit against the publisher of the Sun tabloid newspaper over claims journalists used private investigators to tap his phone and burgle his house, his lawyer said in court documents on Wednesday.