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  1. Ricin-White House

    Three U.S. law enforcement officials say a woman suspected of sending an envelope containing the poison ricin, which was addressed to White House and President Donald Trump, has been arrested at the New York-Canada border.


    More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Minsk on Sunday, to call for President Alexander Lukashenko to resign for the sixth straight weekend.

  3. Tropical Weather Texas

    Tropical storm Beta trudged toward the coasts of Texas and Louisiana on Sunday, threatening to bring more rain, wind and stress to a part of the country that has already been drenched and battered during this year's unusually busy hurricane season.


    A U.S. federal judge has approved a request from a group of WeChat users to delay looming U.S. government restrictions that could effectively make the popular app nearly impossible to use.

  5. Thailand Protests

    Thousands of demonstrators defied police warnings and occupied a historic field in Thailand's capital on Sunday to support the demands of a student-led protest movement for new elections and reform of the monarchy.