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  1. Racial Injustice Seattle

    One of two people hit by a a vehicle that drove onto a closed Seattle highway and into a crowd protesting police brutality has died.

  2. Venetian gondala

    In the 1970s, upwards of 150,000 people resided in Venice, but today it's home to just over 50,000, with the population shrinking by 1,000 each year. Without tourists, there is hardly anyone left in the lagoon city.

  3. 1224874565

    The number of people killed in weeklong protests in Ethiopia following the slaying of a popular singer and activist has risen to 166, according to a regional deputy police commissioner.

  4. 1224721622

    Deep floodwaters and the risk of more mudslides that left at least 34 people confirmed or presumed dead hampered search and rescue operations Sunday in southern Japan, including at elderly home facilities where more than a dozen died and scores were still stranded.


    Activists in New York didn't get the billion-dollar budget cut they were calling for, but experts say across the U.S., shifts in policing policy show that protests in the wake of George Floyd's death have led to some gains and given a sense of urgency to the movement to reform how police operate.