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Kalavrita, Vouraikos Gorge, Cog Railway

The town of Kalavryta at the footsteps of Mount Helmos and its modern ski resort, as well as the whole wider area, has become a meeting point for tourists from across South and Central Greece. Stone houses, traditional coffee shops and trendy cafes, dairy shops serving the famous pastries filled with cheese or cream (bougatsa), tree-lined squares and the Vouraikos River, flowing from Kalavrita all the way to Diakofto while crossing a green gorge, compose the setting of a popular destination for all seasons.

Located at 77 km from Patras, altitude 756 m, access via road

Holy Monastery of the Great Cave

Spectacular views from the balcony, wild natural beauty and a rock rising steeply 120 m. high are among the many incentives for one to visit the Monastery of the Great Cave. According to many scholars it is the oldest monastery in Greece and one of the most impressive shrines of Orthodoxy. Tradition states that it was founded in 362 AD by the monks Symeon and Theodore at the location of the water source where the icon of the Virgin, a work of St. Luke made of wax, mastic and other materials, was found. Ever since, the Monastery was burned and rebuilt many times, the last time being in 1943 after it was destroyed by the Germans. It contains significant holy and national relics.

Located at 12 km from Kalavryta, access via road or on foot via the Zachlorou path, Phone +30 26920-23130

Monastery of Agia Lavra

According to tradition, it was at the church of Agia Lavra that Archbishop Palaion Patron Germanos gave his blessing to the efforts of a group of ambitious enslaved Greeks to bring the Great Idea of Freedom into fruition. It was founded in 961 AD by a fellow ascetic of St. Athanasius the Athonite. During the Greek Revolution it was destroyed several times, while the construction of the current building, designed by An. Orlandos, began in 1947 and was completed in 1950. 

Located at 4,5 km from Kalavryta, access via road, tel.+30 26920-23130

The Cave of the Lakes

It is indeed impressive, with stalactites, stalagmites and 13 lakes stretching on three different levels, which visitors can admire only by boat. Considered globally as a cave of unique configuration, it contains paleontological findings of high scientific value. It is located on the mountain chain of Helmos, on top of the limestone mountain of Amolinitsa.

Located at 93 km from Patras, altitude 850 m, access via road, (Tel. +30 26920-23130)

Nafpaktos - Nafpaktia

A small picturesque town which can be characterized as both mountainous and seaside. With its picturesque harbor, many enticing options for dining and coffee, its remarkable Venetian castle, beaches and 2500 years of history, Nafpaktos is a definite attraction for those visiting Patras. The Rio- Antirio bridge has reduced travel time to just about 20 minutes, turning Nafpaktos into a favorite destination for the people of Patras.

Πρόσβαση οδικώς μέσω της Γέφυρας Ρίου-Αντιρρίου